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Todd Hido’s “Bright Black World” at Bruce Silverstein, New York

Bruce Silverstein Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, New York City specializing in photography.

#11798-4172, 2017

In conjunction with the artist’s newest forthcoming publication, Bright Black World, Bruce Silverstein Gallery is pleased to present Todd Hido’s fourth solo exhibition.  This dynamic presentation will feature new works from his highly anticipated monograph underscoring the influences of Nordic mythology and the notion of Fimbulwinter–an apocalyptic winter which is never-ending.  Hido cites his experiences photographing in the darkness of Northern Europe, notably in Iceland as particularly enduring, as these lands are both foreign to the artist yet very familiar.  His first body of work comprised of images predominantly made outside of the US, these pictures reveal in them a mysterious beauty both specific to this part of the world and no place at all, a hallmark of Hido’s enigmatic style.

#11692-492, 2016
#11797-3252, 2017
#11755-2192, 2017

Source: Bruce Silverstein