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Thought provoking use of text with image in Sophie Calle’s: Because

In each piece, a felt curtain embroidered with Calle’s writing conceals a hidden photograph behind it.

Fraenkel Gallery presents new works of Sophie Calle: Because

In presenting viewers with the text before the picture, Calle upends the usual order in which images are read, creating a poetic surprise or puzzle. The exhibition is Calle’s fourth at Fraenkel Gallery and will be on view from January 23 to March 21, 2020.

For almost forty years, Calle has made work that exposes intimate experience to public view, using still images, video, film, books, performance and text. Her work has often drawn from difficult moments in her personal life. “In the process of turning these experiences into art, they somehow become a type of fiction,” she has said.

Sophie Calle, The Sky, 2018 (b)

Because is part of Calle’s ongoing exploration of the relationship between narrative, memory, and photography, and mixes humor and melancholy with her particular eye for irony. Subjects include the North Pole depicted in blue darkness, in a picture Calle made “Because that’s what you do when you are at the ends of the earth,” the text explains.

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