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‘Telepresence’ takes on all new meaning with the health crisis.

A few of my photogravure etchings from the latest installed art show at The Red Brick Aspen (that can’t be viewed in person currently) are taking on incredible significance in light of our current health crisis.

The body of work is focused on solutions for climate change that the individual can take on. The texts are from Paul Hawken’s Draw Down. The images are recycled images from the Library of Congress’s public domain repository of Prints and Photographs.

For instance, here is the piece titled “Telepresence” – something we are doing a LOT of today.


The written text reads:

Telepresence – #63 – 1.99 gigatons reduced CO2
By integrating a set of high-performance visual, audio, and network technologies and services, people who are geographically separated can interact in a way that captures many of the best aspects of an in-person experience. When it is possible to exist and function remotely, the need to travel becomes less necessary. In a world of global-business footprints and international collaboration, if people can work together without being in the same place, they can dodge a host of travel-related emissions. –Paul Hawken

Image: Telepresence: LOC 2017833663; 1942 July. | Whitman, Lieutenant