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SPE Opportunities: Call for proposals and grant applications

SPE National Call for Conference Proposals

Collaborative Exchanges: Photography in Dialogue
2014 SPE National Conference – March 6-9, 2014 – Hilton Baltimore

In an age of interconnectedness, photographers are no longer solitary practitioners peering at the world through the singular eye of the viewfinder. Rather, photography is positioned at the heart of the contemporary art discourse, establishing relationships with a broad array of ideas and media. Photographers are reaching outside of themselves more than at any point in history, to collaborate with other artists and writers, expand international relationships, engage with and empower communities, organize into teams and collectives, hybridize across media and materials, and build online resource groups and community non-profit organizations to facilitate their ideas. This conference illuminates this new paradigm and celebrates the spirit of cooperation and social linkages.

SPE is accepting proposals through June 1, 2013 @11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. Topics are not required to be theme-based and may include but are not limited to imagemaking, history, contemporary theory and criticism, new technologies, effects of media and culture, education issues, and funding. Membership in SPE is required to submit and proposals are peer reviewed.

Presentation Formats

Imagemaker presentation on your own artistic work

Lecture presentation on historical topic, theory, or another artist’s work

Panel Discussion panelists (maximum of four) led by a moderator to discuss a chosen topic.

Teaching & Learning presentations, workshops, demos that addresses educational issues, including teaching resources and strategies (syllabi, videos, assignments, readings, class prep/setup, and PowerPoint presentations); curricula to serve diverse artists and changing student populations; seeking promotion and tenure; avoiding burnout; and professional exchange

Graduate Student short presentation of your own artistic work and a brief introduction to your graduate program (must be enrolled in graduate program at time of submission)

Complete proposal guidelines available on SPE’s 2014 Conference Details Page.

SPE National The SPE Future Focus Project Support Grant

The SPE Future Focus Project Grant recognizes and supports Professional Members’ exceptional creative work. The grant supports the creation and development of specific work proposed to and chosen by a review committee, and as such, directly supports the creative and professional development of participating members.  It also serves to benefit SPE in that the work comes back to the society and is shared as part of future conference programming, providing new and relevant material specifically supported and encouraged by the organization.

The SPE Future Focus Project Grant will provide $5,000 to one project submitted by a member, or members in the case of a collaborative project, in 2013, its pilot year. Grant applicants can apply for support to undertake a new project, to continue, or to complete an existing project. The grant will fund any work being done in traditional still photography, digital video/film, multimedia, installation, or work created for web-based platforms.

The engagement of the grant spans 18 months: announcement and funding dispersed in September of 2013, written report due from recipient in September of 2014, presentation of project to community in March 2015.

Only current professional level (non-student) members of SPE are eligible to apply for the grant.  Officers of the organization – national and regional – including the Board of Directors, the Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC), are not eligible for consideration during their tenure.

Applications will accepted at and will require:
A description of no more than 1000 words of the proposal and how the grant will be used
Examples of work, (no less than 5, no more than 20) to be uploaded to SPE’s Slideroom account for review
A current summary CV of no more than 2 pages

The National Office will confirm eligibility of candidates and prepare the applications for review by the Awards and Recognition Committee of the National Board.

The grant recipient(s) will be expected to complete the project as proposed, provide a final report on schedule with a narrative about the use of the funds, how the award benefited the recipient and examples of work done as a result of the grant, and present his/her efforts to the membership at the national conference that follows the conference announcement of the grant.

Application Deadline July 1, 2013 11:59 pm EST.

Questions may be directed to