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this series explores the future of art and the role AI might play in it…


This series delves into the future of artistic creation, examining how AI might become an essential tool in the creative toolbox. By using AI as a generative resource, we can further transform its images through analog processes, crafting unique artworks that seamlessly blend old and new techniques. Imagine a world where all living beings govern equally, with compassion and equanimity. This series envisions that future, using AI to create a witty visual document through a mélange of animal studio portraits, all presented via the traditional printmaking process of photogravure.


10”w x 12.5”h

Photogravure etching on Awagami Bamboo Select
Photogravure etching on Awagami Kozo Select

The images used in this collection are AI generated using Midjourney. They are returned to print form using the traditional etching process, photogravure.


The photogravure plate making process is a direct-to-plate method where the image is inkjet printed onto Solarplates, exposed to UV light, and developed in water. This method removes highly toxic substances and additional consumables required from more historic approaches of etching plate creation. These are the tools and materials used to create the plate:

UV light source (can be the sun)
Inkjet printer
Recycled newsprint


The printmaking process uses non-toxic and sustainable materials in a water-based application. Even the clean-up process forgoes the use of toxic solvents. These are the materials used in the printmaking process:

Solarplate with etched image
Awagami printmaking paper
Etching ink
Tarlatan wiping cloth
Recycled phone books
Recycled cardboard
Baby oil for cleaning

installation view

installation at Red Brick Arts Center in Aspen, Colorado

artist talk to come