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polymer photogravure: a step-by-step manual, highlighting artists and their creative practice

Have you ever attempted the art of photogravure or been curious about how it is done? Polymer Photogravure: A Step-by-Step Manual will give you the tools, perspective, and information you need to become a contemporary photogravure artist.

This book is not only an invaluable instructional work on the process, but it holds an amazing amount of inspiration from the artists included within the pages. The book acts as an open source guide to polymer photogravure with a substantial collection of visual examples and references, as well as artists own preferred methods of execution. You will find there is not one perfect way of successfully producing a photogravure print, but various ways of achieving your own unique results and visual aesthetics. Artists review the materials they use, the techniques they employ, and the results they achieve throughout the full process – from the production of the negative to creation of the plate to pulling of the final print.

Harmon has done a wonderful job at providing the tools for success with this elusive artistic practice, while offering a wealth of resources and inspiration to encourage others to give polymer photogravure a try.

I am delighted to be a part of this wonderful resource. Thank you Clay Harmon for the 9 page insertion of my practice.