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an interactive, experiential and educational photography exhibition

Photographs speak to us. They tell stories, present ideas, express emotions, all through their visual language. Photographs speak a universal language. They allow us to talk across cultural, geographic, and social borders. I am drawn to the notion that we have a medium today that enables us to communicate our thoughts to others regardless of race, age, gender, lifestyle, or ethnicity.

This exhibition was created around the educational mission of The Art Base and its engaged audience. I wanted to produce an interactive experience where the final visual statements are made by the visitors who participate with the art. I am providing the tools needed to create visual statements – a large set of still-life images that represent singular ideas. The images can be “read” literally or symbolically, and when several images are brought together, they create an expanded idea or statement, like words forming a sentence. Visitors will be able to construct their ideas by selecting and sequencing 2 to 5 images together on a wall.

The individual image meaning can vary based on its placement within a group. Some images will be perceived in positive ways while others take on negative associations; i.e. a prescription bottle might suggest either its curative or its addictive potential. An apple might signify health and nutrition or sin and temptation. The goal is to create ways of communicating important ideas through the personal selection and ordering of these visual ingredients. I look forward to seeing what you have to say. Thank you for participating.

artist talk at the art base