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Photography call for art: Submit to Thesis Project | LENSCRATCH

Grad students, keep this in mind moving forward – from Lenscratch…

image via Lenscratch
image via Lenscratch


Submit to Thesis Project

Thesis Project Feature Series

Call for Entry

Deadline: April 17, 11:59 PST

Thesis Project is a new feature series created specifically for photographers currently enrolled in their final semester of graduate school. As the COVID-19 pandemic forces us to find alternatives to traditional exhibition spaces, this week-long spotlight on graduating MFA candidates seeks to provide a virtual platform for showcasing some of the most compelling thesis projects. It will also incorporate interviews with these new members of our photo community. As the art world shifts towards new approaches to disseminating content and creating community, we want to know how the next generation is navigating these uncharted territories- both during the current crisis and beyond. If you are graduating from a masters program this spring, we invite you to share your thesis project with us and weigh in on the conversation.

Required Materials:

5-10 images from a cohesive body of work
File Specifications: jpg files sized 1000px on the long side at 72 dpi, sRGB
File Naming: LastName_Title_SequenceNumber (ex. White_Frost_Wave_01.jpg)

3rd person bio (250 words max)

1st person statement (500 words max)

Copy of current class schedule (as proof of enrollment)

There’s no fee for this call for entry, but we invite you to consider making a small contribution to one of the many important institutions currently in need of support. You can find a list of organizations here


Source: Submit to Thesis Project | LENSCRATCH