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Photographic Museum 2013 Grant | Photographic Museum of Humanity

General info

The Photographic Museum of Humanity Grant is an international photographic contest that we organize with the aim to finance talented photographers and discover new talents.

The photographic competition starts on December 5th, 2012 and will last until February 18th, 2013. Photographers are invited to present their photographic proposals to our international jury that is going to award the three most relevant works. There are also a special prize dedicated to young talents, a prize directly awarded by the public and a number of honorable mentions according to the material received.



This year is going to be a very special edition. It is indeed the inaugural one of an event that fully represents our philosophy and the objectives of our project. For these reasons we have invited widely recognized professionals like Martin Parr (Magnum Photos), Kira Pollack (Director of Photography at TIME Magazine) and Sebastian Liste (Young Reporter of Perpignan 2012) to preside our jury and we are offering significant self-financed monetary prizes.

It is a great occasion to see your work recognized by an outstanding jury in front of an international public. It is a great moment to gain visibility and create yourself new opportunities. Enjoy it and good luck!

“We believe people are unique and there is so much talent among us. It is just there, and yet almost nobody sees it. We want this to change.”

– from the Museum Manifesto

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