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A project celebrating women artists today and yesterday…

This ongoing project began as a concept derived for my fellowship with the Aspen Art Museum in 2021. It is both a research-based and visual arts expression concerning the equity and equality of women’s position within the field of art – historical and contemporary.

The Triptych – Tell HerStory

Tell HerStory
Tell HerStory

The triptych represents women in the visual arts, highlighting their often overlooked contributions and influence to the various artistic fields, mediums, and movements. The background is black. It is infinitesimal. It represents all possibilities, unrestricted and untethered from the past. Within the space exists a large female form – the representative of all women artists throughout time, and the hope for the future. Her shape is filled with over 500 faces of women artists, living and past. There are visual representations of each woman’s work coming forth from the main figure’s outstretched hands. The “landscape” is composed of torn pages from traditional art history books, deconstructing the male dominated past, making way for a more equitable story of art to spring forth. 

Mixed-media collage on wood panel
Acrylic, torn content from art history textbooks, inkjet, resin

Triptych total: 84”w x 48”h
Left: 24”w x 48”h
Center: 36”w x 48”h
Right: 24”w x 48”h

The Presentation

Aspen Art Museum 2021 Fellowship presentation

The Art Cards

My initial visual representation – THE ART CARDS – uses powerful words and artworks by women of yesterday and today, to mark their prolonged battle for fair and equitable treatment. These postcards feature notable women in the arts – their work, their words – and are meant to be disseminated liberally to help spread the word. Use them as a physical postcard to mail, or a digital e-card for posting in email, social media and the like. Help spread the word!