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John Chervinsky Emerging Photographer Scholarship – Griffin Museum of Photography

Application Guidelines


About the Scholarship

The John Chervinsky Emerging Photographer Scholarship seeks to recognize, encourage and reward photographers with the potential to create a body of work and sustain solo exhibitions. Awarded annually, the Scholarship provides recipients with a monetary award of $3,000, exhibition of their work at the Griffin Museum of Photography, and a volume from John’s personal library of photography books. The Scholarship seeks to provide a watershed moment in the professional lives of emerging photographers, providing them with the support and encouragement necessary to develop, articulate and grow their own vision for photography.

About John


Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship is open to photographers who have produced individual works of photography and/or are in the process of producing bodies of work.

We are looking for candidates who are serious about photography, whose potential is emerging and whose photography will benefit from this scholarship. Candidates should not be currently enrolled in a photography degree program. There is no age limit. There are no residency requirements.

Photographers without gallery representation who have not exhibited solo in a gallery/museum setting or have not received significant (over $3000) grant funding are eligible (coffee shop, community gallery, library etc. are eligible exhibition settings). Past awardees of the Chervinsky Scholarship, paid employees of the Griffin Museum or their immediate families, Griffin Museum board members and jurors’ immediate families and those Griffin board members or jurors’ paid employees are not eligible.

This scholarship is not for well-established photographers. Well-established photographers are individuals in mid-photography-careers and are seen by the public and peers as distinguished in the field of photography and have many accomplishments as a photographer. Please note again that an artist who has had SOLO exhibitions in established galleries/museums or has gallery representation or received significant grant funding (over $3000) will be considered too accomplished to receive this scholarship.


Submissions may be made directly to the Griffin Museum gateway only (See below). You will be asked for a brief biography and artistic cv (a single pdf that includes both bio and cv); a statement of artistic purpose/intent; a statement on the work supplied, and flattened rgb jpgs (1200 pixels on the longest side) of your photographs (minimum of 10/maximum of 14 photographs). Naming convention is firstname-lastname-title.jpg.

Do not supply links. Our gateway will assemble your input into one area on our web host site and give the jurors the ability to go there to view and also download a pdf as needed. You will be able to insert text for artistic statement and project statement in the gateway application. No other means of submission will be accepted. All missing criteria will disqualify the submission. Emails will not be accepted as a method of submissions. It is recommended that great thought and effort be put into the artistic purpose/intent statement (see sample supplied).

Scholarship Dates and Deadlines

August 1, 2018: Application period opens. Apply Here
September 5, 2018: Application period closes
1st week in January 2019: Announcement of 2018 scholarship recipient
September 11, 2018: 2017 Awardee exhibition

John Chervinsky Emerging Photographer Scholarship awards 2017 Press Release

2018 Jurors
Crista Dix

Frazier King

Laura Moya

Aline Smithson

Read more and apply HERE >>>> Source: John Chervinsky Emerging Photographer Scholarship – Griffin Museum of Photography