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In Defense Of the Precious Object | THE AGNOSTIC PRINT

In Defense Of the Precious Object

John Dean

Four Japanese Photographers and What They Don’t Have In Common With Cindy Sherman

A Recent Spring Photo-Viewing Trip To New York

Before I start in talking about subtle, often modest scale Japanese photography and the legacy of photographic prints as intimate, introspective, and highly crafted objects, I think I need to point out that there are of course infinite ways to use print technology to produce timeless, penetrating, poetic, and even monumental statements. This is a pluralistic and global world we’re apart of, with many avenues available for communicating and showing work and that is increasing, not decreasing. I see totally opposite approaches to using photography existing at the same time, at the same place, and I can appreciate all of it as valid, interesting, significant, and in a way inevitable. I try to appreciate work on its own terms if I can.

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