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Illusion with the help of process

These images seek to challenge what is seen and what is assumed by merging image, process, and perception.

Using photopolymer gravure to produce the images, a process that lends an aged aesthetic to the outcome, the images appear as historic documents.

Upon deeper viewing, out of place elements transpire, bringing with them a contemporary twist on what is real.

This process, photopolymer gravure, mixes the mediums of photography and printmaking, and its roots extend back to the inception of photography itself. Contemporary practice enables the artist to work with non-toxic materials such as the sun, water, cotton rag paper and water-based inks.

These images are the first to be developed using technologies that forgo the need for transparency or film positives. More will be shared soon as I continue to explore and perfect my process of creating photopolymer gravures, printing photographic images direct to solar plates.