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Here’s another photogravure, this one a consequence of the health crisis – ‘Airplanes: Take Fewer Trips’

Airplanes: Take Fewer Trips

The written text reads:

Airplanes – Take Fewer Trips – #43 – 5.05 gigatons reduced CO2
Today, some 20,000 airplanes are in service around the world, producing at minimum 2.5 percent of annual emissions. With upwards of 50,000 planes expected to take to the skies by 2040 – and take to them more often – fuel efficiency will have to rise dramatically if emissions are to be reduced. –Paul Hawken

Base Image: Airplanes: LOC 2014646480; Nov. 1939 | Frissell, Toni

The body of work is focused on solutions for climate change that the individual can take on. The texts are from Paul Hawken’s Draw Down. The images are recycled images from the Library of Congress’s public domain repository of Prints and Photographs.