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Great New Reads in Photography and Filmmaking

Weekly picks of the best articles from around the web for photographers, filmmakers and visual artists.

Helena Lopes | Pexels CC
Helena Lopes | Pexels CC

Posted by Greg Scoblete on Friday February 8, 2019

“There is nothing more wonderful than a book. It may be a message to us from the dead, from human souls we never saw who lived perhaps thousands of miles away, and yet these little sheets of paper speak to us, arouse us, teach us, open our hearts and in turn open their hearts to us like brothers. Without books, God is silent, justice dormant, philosophy lame.” 
― Charles Kingsley


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Here Are Five Films That Kodak Should Revive – Kosmo Foto

Andy Warhol’s Polaroid Pictures – British Journal of Photography

Befriending Duane Michaels – Don’t Take Pictures

VR Filmmakers Are Evolving Beyond VR – Wired

Don’t Call Don McCullin an Artist, He’s a War Photographer – New York Times

Humanizing the Medical Gaze – Photomonitor

POTD: Calling Attention to Female Genital Mutilation 

TECH: Olympus E-M1X Review | A Filter That Mimics Kodak Aerochrome


Source: PDN Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking