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Great New Reads in Photography and Filmmaking

Weekly picks of the best articles from around the web for photographers, filmmakers and visual artists. Enjoy!

Zun Zun ( @zun.foto) | Pexels CC
Zun Zun ( @zun.foto) | Pexels CC

Posted by Greg Scoblete

“The best book is not one that informs merely, but one that stirs the reader up to inform himself.” 
― A.W. Tozer


NASA Just Pulled Off One of the Most Amazing Photo Shoots – UT

The First Women War Photographer to Die in the Field – Magnum

A Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot – Hollywood Reporter

The Challenges of Photographing Trump – New York Times

Photographers Share Their Pics Honoring Women – Nat Geo

10 Important Tax Tips for Photographers – Rangefinder

Photography Is Almost Always About Trust – Texas Monthly

The Case for a Camera in the Smartphone Age – NBC

How Still Life Photographers Come Up With Ideas – PDN

4 Secrets to Living a Bold, Creative Life – Artsy

The Photog Documenting Burning Man ‘Round the World – MMM

The Cleverly Creative Custom Cameras of B. Barry – JCH

Street Connections – Roads and Kingdoms

The Mind-Bending Misfit We Need Now – Huck

Anne Brigman’s Early 1900s Nude Self-Portraits – Don’t Take Pictures

Looking Back at the New Romantics – Aperture

Producers and Therapists on the Stress of Production – Filmmaker

Proof (As If It Were Necessary) That Hipsters Conform – WaPo

POTD: The Eye of the Harlem Renaissance

TECH: Leica’s Q2 Is Here | Mantis Q Drone Review


Source: PDN Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

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