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Communication Arts Photography Competition

Photography Competition

Photography Competition

Deadline: March 15, 2013

Enter the most prestigious competition for creativity in photography, the Communication Arts Photography Competition. Any photograph first printed or produced from March 2012 through March 2013 is eligible. Selected by a nationally representative jury of distinguished designers, art directors and photographers, the winning entries will be distributed worldwide in the Communication Arts Photography Annual and on, assuring important exposure to the creators of this outstanding work. As a service to art directors, designers and art buyers, a comprehensive index will carry contact information of the photographers represented.

New for 2013: Each winning entrant will receive a personalized Award of Excellence, milled from solid aluminum.

CA’s Award of Excellence is one of the most-coveted awards in the industry. If chosen, winning places you in the highest ranks of your profession. Ask any creative director which competitions rank as the most influential and they’ll place Communication Arts at the top of the list.

2013 Photography Jury

Communication Arts

Andy Anderson, photographer, Lone River Productions, Mountain Home, ID

Tim Bruce, creative director, Lowercase, Inc., Chicago, IL

Jay Giesen, executive creative director, Brunner, Pittsburgh, PA

Amy Feitelberg, photo editor, Los Angeles magazine, Los Angeles, CA

Emily Lessard, design director, Aperture Foundation, New York, NY


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