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anderson ranch: monothon

One Is Fun! ARAC Monothon 2013

Join us, Tuesday, March 19th, 2013 for a new take on a favorite tradition.  Anderson Ranch will hold its 6th Annual Monothon.

Starting at 5:30 pm, spend your evening;

Trace Nichols’ piece for the 2013 Monothon
  • Browsing inspiring and one-of-a-kind Monoprints created by artists such as Tyler Beard, Dick Carter, Kay Cesark, Will Dix, Jennifer Ghormley, Jean Gumpper, Devin Kovach, Hiroki Morinoue, Johanna Mueller, Jenene Nagy, Ashley Nason, Trace Nichols, The Aspen Elementary 1st Grade Class and David Stassi
  • Savoring delicious gourmet hors d’oeuvres
  • Sipping specialty cocktails, beer and wine
  • Crossing your fingers and signing up to win a door prize!
  • Seeing a LIVE letterpress demonstration, and get up close and personal with copper plates, woodblocks, engraving tools… all tools that were used in producing the art on display.
  • Strategizing how to win the bid on your favorite pieces!

The Auction runs from 7-7:30 pm and its sure to be lively.  Don’t miss your chance to walk home with a truly unique piece of art.  The process for monoprinting only allows its images or lines to be created ONCE, unlike most printmaking where an edition is printed from the original material.  After observing the demo, you’ll understand what it took to make your favorite piece on display!  This unique art-making process inspired this year’s theme, “MONO-means ONE, and ONE is FUN!”

 Tickets are $20; contact Liz DeLorme at (970)923-3181 x 208 or to purchase

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