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An Artist Who Prefers Empty Spaces

Ms. Höfer’s ‘Benrather Schloss Dusseldorf IV’ (2011). Photo: Candida Höfer, Köln/VG Bild-Ku

For her show at Manhattan’s Sean Kelly Gallery opening May 8, German photographer Candida Höfer will exhibit about 15 photographs shot recently in Düsseldorf to demonstrate how her photographic style has split in two.

COLOGNE, Germany—

…The show was a success. But Ms. Höfer, who in person exudes a natural reserve, said she began eliminating humans from her photographs. She found herself uncomfortable interacting with them after realizing that “there was too little binding us together.”

Instead, she said she felt bonded to empty edifices in two disparate architectural styles—either a heavily embellished Baroque or a sleek modernism.

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