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trace nichols

Trace Nichols is a visual artist and educator who has a passion for merging conceptual inquires and unique narratives with contemporary applications of mixed media, printmaking, and photography. With this integration, Trace strives to draw inspiration from the various techniques, subjects, and processes to help form new conversations around our current experience of visual art.

Trace has been working in the field of art for over 30 years. Her works have been exhibited in such institutions as the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers Bankside Gallery in London, Aspen Art Museum, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Brevard Art Museum, and The Red Brick Arts Center among others, as well as being housed in private collections throughout the United States.

Trace holds an undergraduate degree in Studio Art, and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Academy of Art University, where she has been a faculty member since 2009, teaching for the graduate photography program.

Trace made significant strides advancing the contemporary practice of photogravure using polymer plates in a direct-image-to-plate application. Her methods of production employ the use of SolarPlates, Akua water-based etching inks, and other materials that allow the complete process to remain non-toxic, creating a safer and healthier studio environment.

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