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A best practice for climate change during a health crisis – ‘Reduced Food Waste’

Reduced Food Waste
Reduced Food Waste

The written text reads:

Reduced Food Waste – #3 – 70.53 gigatons reduced CO2
A third of the food raised or prepared does not make it from farm or factory to fork. Producing uneaten food squanders a whole host of resources – seeds, water, energy, land, fertilizer, hours of labor, financial capital – and generates greenhouse gases at every stage – including methane when organic matter lands in the global rubbish bin. The food we waste is responsible for roughly 8 percent of global emissions. –Paul Hawken

Base Image: Reduced Food Waste: LOC 2016868064; 1917 or 1918 | Harris & Ewing

The body of work is focused on solutions for climate change that the individual can take on. The texts are from Paul Hawken’s DrawDown. The images are recycled images from the Library of Congress’s public domain repository of Prints and Photographs.