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100 vintage Jan Groover photographs on view at Janet Borden Inc.



5 APRIL – 15 MAY 2018

Janet Borden, Inc. is pleased to present JAN GROOVER: HARTFORD AND OTHER PHOTOGRAPHS, a selective survey of Groover’s work. The exhibition will run from 5 April – 15 May.

An amazing trove of 100 vintage Jan Groover photographs was recently found. This archive, documenting the architecture of Hartford, Connecticut has not been seen for forty-five years.Each print is 8×10”, dating from 1971-2. Although they are very objective, straight photographs, they also tell a story offering a glimpse into the past of the state capital with a hypnotizing suburban tranquility. Some of them seem very New Topographic, some out of Walker Evans… with a hint of Groover’s later diptych and triptych interests.

The photographs are subtle, yet striking on their own or as a group. This is a show of the exquisite intricacies of black and white photography that have become Groover’s signature. Shown with other selections of her work, these images add a new and earlier chapter, reinforcing Groover’s extraordinary legacy.

Jan Groover (1943 – 2012) was the defining still life photographer of her generation. Her credo was “Formalism is everything,” and her photographs remain a testament to her vision. Beginning with her groundbreaking triptychs, Groover delighted in the intellectual and visual conundrums her photographs presented. Over her long career, Jan Groover managed to coax out the subtleties and intricacies of black and white photography to an extreme that few others achieved.


Jan Groover was born in Plainfield, New Jersey in 1943, and made photographs from 1970 until her death. Her Kitchen Still Life photographs were first exhibited at Sonnabend Gallery. In 1987, Groover had a major solo retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art which subsequently toured the United States. Her work is included in the collections of all major American museums. Groover moved to France in 1991, where she lived with her husband, the painter Bruce Boice. Her archives reside at the Musée de l’Élysée in Lausanne.

Source: Janet Borden Inc.