... blending photography, printmaking, mixed-media, all things tech, with a love of animals and books.

the series ‘vision’ challenges perceptions of the “real” by using the medium of photography to capture evocative arrangements from within the natural surroundings.  my desire is to create visual and mental tensions through careful juxtapositions of formal and depictive elements within each carefully selected and composed scene.

the series ‘vision’ is produced in-camera, creating photographic ‘blurs’ that harness the plastic energy often found in 1950s abstract expressionist works. the blurred areas are counterpoint with singular areas of crisp focus within each frame. the compositions explore the expressive energy that lies somewhere between the focused and blurred areas of our visual field. because there are no descriptive associations to be made with the content of the photographs, they are freed to become each viewer’s unique experience when mediating the visual opposing forces.

in “vision’, the larger area within each frame has been carefully composed to engage the viewer on a more plastic level – a juxtaposition of color that can create figurative associations and perceptual visual movement. by keeping a small area of the photograph in focus, we are reminded of the inherent nature of the medium itself – to describe reality.

while an immediate reaction to these compositions might be to ponder the identity of the actual subject matter, their deeper ambition is to challenge the very idea of photography’s role as a mimetic device in favor of its expressive and imaginative power.